Welcome to the Tut Keyboard App!


Please be patient the first time you load Tut, it can take up to 30 seconds to download all the goodies!

Tut is for Android now, Apple version coming soon.

Simple Message

Touch each image (glyph) to add it to your message.  Press the green arrow to send to your messaging app.  Tut works with email, texting, and apps like WhatsApp, Line or WeChat!

Send/Read Messaging App

Press the green arrow with no Tut message to read. Press the green arrow with a Tut message to send. Use the phone back key to return to Tut.

Adding Glyphs (Images)

Touch the smiling house to access the store.  The top part of the store shows Packs of photos, emoji, stickers, and words you can buy. The bottom part of the store shows Packs you have purchased. Touch the + to go to your gallery.

Folders and Edits

Drag a Glyph on a second Glyph to make a folder.  Drag it to "Delete", "Rename", or to "Move Up" to move it out of the folder to the screen above. ALWAYS use the Tut Back key, not the phone back key.

Link Tut to Your Messaging App

Press and hold the green arrow to get a list of messaging apps including text and email.  Select one from the list. Press and hold again to change your selection.

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